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Black Hills spruce trees, Heritage river birch clumps and bright fall color at Kahnke Brothers Tree Farm
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left spacerleft spacer2016 Field Inventory -Updated on 10/23/15
Here is an updated list of the trees that we will be able to dig in 2016. Please keep in mind, many of these trees are pre-sold. We normally begin digging shade trees at the 2 - 2.5" size and ornamentals at 1.5 inches. However, we can custom dig smaller sizes if necessary.

2016 Clump-Form Tree Field Inventory -Updated on 10/23/15

2016 Field Evergreen Inventory -Updated 10/23/15

For 2016, we will be digging 4' trees as needed. Otherwise, they will be left in the field until they reach a larger size.

2015 End-of-Year Potted Tree Inventory -Updated on 10/23/2015
These are our 2015 prices, which may change slightly for the 2016 season.

2015 Over-Wintered Shrubs -Updated on 11/24/15

2015 Over-Wintered Perennials -Updated on 11/17/15
These are the plants we are carrying into winter. We will have some new varieties for 2016 and some re-stock items that are not currently on hand as well. Prices may increase on new and re-stock items.

Please call
to verify availability, pricing and condition.

Crabapples and Heritage birch pic.- taken on Halloween of 2014
Stella Supreme and Red Volunteer Daylilies with purple coneflowers

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