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"The Hort Report" is my (Connie Kratzke) column in The Glencoe Enterprise that provides tips and troubleshooting ideas for gardening and landscaping.

Tips from the Trade
-Horticultural insights gained from the Northern Green Expo
Stay True to Your Thumb Color
-The differing philosophies of gardeners and landscapers
Germination Frustration Elimination
-Seed starting tips and tricks for success
Mother Nature's Iron Fist
-Choosing plants that will survive future weather trends
Producing Petite Produce -Growing hardy shrub fruits with ornamental appeal
Exponential Growth -How to adapt and change with your growing gardens
Staying Sane Despite the Rain -Rainy day gardening activities for antsy gardeners
The Powers of Flowers -Reliable plants for early spring bloom
Restless Rejuvenation -"Sure Thing" plants that have earned my trust over the years
Containing My Excitement
-Designing beautiful and successful containers

2011 Hort Report Archive
2012 Hort Report Archive

Connie's flower garden
sun-loving perennials

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