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Black Hills spruce trees, Heritage river birch clumps and bright fall color at Kahnke Brothers Tree Farm


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left spacer1) PROPER IRRIGATION- Water thoroughly and deeply, then
allow the soil to dry out for a few days to encourage root growth.
Don't rely on rain for moisture & water more when it is hot or windy.
2) MULCH- Mulch helps keep soil moisture and temperature consistent. It eliminates competition from weeds and prevents mower injuries.
3) BALANCED NUTRITION- Apply slow-release fertilizers early in the season or top dress the surrounding soil with compost. Use half-strength water-soluble fertilizers only as needed to give small plants a boost. Stop feeding altogether by mid to late July.
4) PROPER SITING- Give plants the amount of light and type of
soil that they need to flourish, based on the needs of their species.

They compete with plants and harbor insect
pests. They also block air flow, promoting fungal growth.
6) DEAD HEAD- Remove spent flowers and dried foliage.
7) DE-SUCKER- Prune off aggressive shoots that grow at the base
of trees as soon as you notice them and as low as you can cut them.
8) THIN OUT- Fast growing shrubs should be thinned out every 2-3 years by cutting out 1/3 of the oldest, thickest stems at their bases.
9) DIVIDE- Dig up and divide overgrown flowers in the spring.
10) HAVE FUN!- Gardening can be very relaxing. It is also great exercise! Make a hobby out of it and you will be richly rewarded.

Three shades of Endless Summer Hydrangea on one plant
Apples in mid-June
Zing Rose Dianthus at peak bloom

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